Reducing The Prejudice Within The LGBT Community: Methods To Role Out Effectively

LGBT community is facing continued and widespread discrimination associated with health & life in terms of depression, food insecurity, and homelessness as per the report published in the Boston foundation. Most of the time LGBT people experienced stigmatization that can lead to anxiety, distress & sometimes many other harmful risks.

What impact does the LGBT community may have over the discrimination?

Many of those LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community people surprisingly reported that they have to deal with continued discrimination & so many other mental problems.

What sort of discrimination LGBT they face:

  • Pretty obvious acts of discrimination & prejudice within the LGBT community (Like for an example if someone within the community of LGBT is very opened about the identify, the other person of the same community refused to get you promoted or employed in a good place).


  • It is like more subtle, but at the same time not lesser than harmful, again discrimination with the negative portrait of a person, the stereotypes, difference in feelings etc.

Can I use certain things to fight for LGBT EQUALITY?

Making use of policies

Still fighting for the LGBT equality far from imagination but one such positive outcome from the tragic incidents over the decades is a sharp & rude awakening against the discrimination in full force. Even most of the time the LGBT community itself forgets the policies in a reality. Certain policies are there by which you can take the right approach and fight for LGBT pride.

By the use of conversation for prejudice within the LGBT community

As an everyday citizen, you can also fight for LGBT equality by the help of voting. You can vote for the politicians who truly understand the feelings of the LGBT community & help people in pushing the pro-LGBT policies without any hesitation. Apart from that, the tiny face to face conversations might help a lot in converting the attitude towards the LGBT community from negative to positive.

There might be false examinations regarding the LGBT community improvement but finding the reality-based results can be profitable for everyone.

As per the study, even a short 10 minutes of conversation within the community about transgender rights can have dramatic, transphobic changes for at least 2 months.

Taking the personal views, opinions, experiences of the transgender community can give you well-targeted results as compared to the other well-rehearsed statements while speaking about LGBT equality in front.

To reduce the prejudice within the LGBT community you need to select some active learning approaches, LGBT pride clothes that can be far more effective than the other methods.

What sort of progress can be seen for LGBT rights since the establishment of Human Rights watchdog- about LGBT community rights program?

Enormous progress has been shown both globally & locally by the amazing LGBT equality programs and it is not a western culture as many developing countries around the world are at the forefront to defend LGBT rights.

Whether it is about historic LGBT resolution at UNHRC in 2014 or any other human rights enforcement, many nations supported the community programs.

How rights have differed?

Because of global support recently to fight for the widespread abusive authoritarianism or corruption against the LGBT community, it has given support to the intensifying backlash.

It is like a litmus test for human rights regarding LGBT peace, equality and more precisely rights that they deserve. The rights for the LGBT community are undermined and critical members of the society need to come up in front.

What are the main drivers for the change in the mindset of people?

The greater recognition of the rights of LGBT people has made broad changes with more equitable relations among different genders. With more and more people are coming out in LGBT clothing and awareness about the rights of the LGBT population is increasing and in that context, the society started shaping the people’s perception with the reinforcement of social changes.

Yet a feeling of increasing nationalism & anti-immigrant sentiments needs to be devoted.

In the future, biggest hope & concern for LGBT rights?

Backlash is the biggest concern here and I hope that homophobia in some regions can be said as the last practical solution that needs to be changed.